Boxed Wines


It’s in the Bag, uh, Box, uh Both. First they take away the cork from the wine bottle. Now they’re taking away the bottle. What’s next, intravenous? Bag-in-the box wines (known as “bib” in the trade) are exactly what their name says, wine, typically three liters, in a collapsible plastic …

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The Albariño Alternative

fish dock albarino

With the possible exception of cavas, the Spanish sparkling wines, when most Americans think of Spanish wines, they see red. But Spanish white wines have made great progress in past 15 years or so.  As Julio Baguer, former director of Wines from Spain, a government agency that promotes Spanish wines, …

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Vinos Di Madrid

The wines of Madrid?  Well, yes and no. No, you won’t see grapes growing near the Prado. But, yes, within the broader confines of Madrid, there are grapes, and the wines from them are surprisingly good. Last fall in New York, I attended a tasting for the Vinos de Madrid …

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Campo de Borja: Spanish Wine’s New Frontier

DO Campo de Borja

Some months ago, I wrote about the food and wine of Calabria and how the Italian Trade Commission has been trying to get Americans more interested in those products from Italy’s more obscure regions, especially in the South. The Spanish are following suit, at least with wine. This is the …

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