Tips For A Faster, Easier Holiday Feast


This was written for Thanksgiving, but it applies equally well to any big holiday dinner. Thanksgiving dinner can be a maddening experience for many people, and it’s getting worse as fewer people cook with any regularity. (When I was food editor for the San Jose Mercury News, a reader called …

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Black Pepper

Black pepper has always played second banana to its tablemate, salt, the most widely used seasoning. number two black pepper, has pretty much been available in basic black, whereas salt has given us as many choices as there are cable channels from pink Murray River salt from Australia to fleurs …

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Japanese Knives: A Cut Above

japanese knives from irwanDOTnet

If you have ever watched a Samurai epic, you know that Japanese warriors pay a great deal of attention to their swords. That same attention has gone into the making of Japanese kitchen knives. Sales of Japanese-made knives have “skyrocketed” in the past 10 to 15 years, according to Jeremy …

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