Caviar Down on the Farm


Caviar Gifts How to Buy, Serve and Enjoy Caviar We don’t miss much about the old Soviet Union. Caviar lovers, however, yearn for the Soviet’s efficient management of the caviar industry it shared with Iran. While Iran’s caviar commerce remained relatively stable over the two decades following the Soviet Union’s …

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Swedish Hill Vineyard

swedish hill from timesunionDOTcom

Last spring I traveled to the Finger Lakes region of New York researching a cover story on beef I wrote for the September 30 issue of Wine Spectator. (Yes, they do raise cattle there!). On way to the farm of Jeff Rosenkrans (they call them cattle farms, not ranches in …

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Thanksgiving Wines

turkey and wine

When it comes to pairing wines with holiday foods, Thanksgiving presents the ultimate challenge. The problem is not the turkey but everything else that goes with it. For example, Dorothy Gaither and John Brecher, former wine columnists for the Wall Street Journal, wrote on more than one occasion that older …

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