Alaska Salmon

To those of you who have watched “The Deadliest Catch,” the Alaska seafood industry may seem tough and dangerous. It is. But this very important supplier of America’s seafood has also become remarkably sophisticated. Copper River Seafoods, named for the river that produces some of the world’s most prized king …

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The Right Stuffing

Thanksgiving at Jamie/Melissa's house, Nov 2009 - 080

We may talk turkey on Thanksgiving but what we really want is the stuffing. That’s why many Thanksgiving tables have two kinds of stuffing. Who has two kinds of turkey? My mother made her stuffing the night before Thanksgiving. This remarkably simple bread stuffing, gently seasoned with celery, onions, and …

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Vermont Wines, Not an Oxymoron

vermont wine

Frontenac, Marquette and La Crescent are not French Canadian explorers but grape varieties developed in Minnesota and Quebec to produce quality wines in Vermont’s climate. Yes, they do make wines in Vermont. And some of them are pretty darned good. If you want to find out more about Vermont wines, …

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Grass-Fed Beef: Splendor in the Grass

grass fed moovement

If your cardiologist has suggested changing that steak on the grill to a slab of tofu, take heart. Grass-fed beef not only tastes great, but it has a nutritional profile that would make olive oil envious. “Isn’t all beef grass-fed?” my friend Tina asked, when I invited her over to …

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