Sustainable Salmon

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Longtime seafood restaurant chef Ed Brown visited the facilities of Skuna Bay and came away impressed. “I’ve been to a lot of these places and this one is pretty spectacular,” says Brown, now Senior VP at Restaurant Associates. “One of the biggest issues is the density of the fish. Skuna …

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How to Buy, Serve and Enjoy Caviar

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Caviar Gifts How to Buy, Serve and Enjoy Caviar Caviar Down on the Farm Eating caviar is a special event. So do it up right. First, know how much to buy. Caviar is sold by the ounce or in grams. An ounce of caviar is just over 28 grams, which …

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Alaska Salmon

To those of you who have watched “The Deadliest Catch,” the Alaska seafood industry may seem tough and dangerous. It is. But this very important supplier of America’s seafood has also become remarkably sophisticated. Copper River Seafoods, named for the river that produces some of the world’s most prized king …

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