broccoli from bestinseasonDOTie

With recipes for Broccoli with Bagna Cauda Sauce Broccoli with Roast Shallots and Mushrooms Broccoli Souffle Quick Broccoli with Pasta Remember when President George Bush the First in 1990 announced his dislike of broccoli – in favor of such nutritious wonders as Butterfingers candy bars and pork rinds? Broccoli immediately …

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Wines for Christmas and New Year

christmasdinner from theorganicprepperDOTca

Christmas and New Year’s main courses are more varied than Thanksgiving and that means a broader range of wine possibilities. Roast beef offers the greatest opportunity for drinking those glorious reds we abstained from on Thanksgiving. For many holiday roast beef means a standing rib roast, a regal piece of …

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