Pikes The White Mullet: Wine of the Week

Did you ever sip a wine, then smack your lips and think (or say) “That is really tasty.” That’s what my wife and I said when we tasted Pike’s 2008 The White Mullet, a blend of Riesling (60 percent), Viognier (16 percent), Sauvignon Blanc (16 percent) and Chenin Blanc (8 percent) from Australia’s Clare Valley ($14). The Clare Valley is a coolish microclimate in the otherwise hot and massive wine region of South Australia. It is ground zero for Australian Rieslings, which are unlike Austrian, Alsatian or German Rieslings if you haven’t tried them. That bodes well for this wine since it is mostly Riesling. (The current 2009 vintage has 70 percent Riesling.) For more information and availablity in your area, try The Country Vintner, 800-365-9463 or www.countryvintner.com.au.

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